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The PIC TV Network, INC

The PIC Television Network, a media/communications platform, is launching its global platform 

          on Black Friday, 2020. PIC TV will operate twenty-four hours per day. PIC TV endeavors to:

  • Produce user generated content programming, advertisements, movies 

                      and other types of visual media; 

  • Provide extensive advance training and apprenticeships to young people in all

                     phases of the broadcast medium; and

  • Allow for users to fully integrate into the platform to share content or to view content

anywhere there is internet connection. 


The PIC TV Network exist to meet the need for content relatable to everyday families. Public

content consumers are being programmed with filtered mind-altering limited points of view that

neither entertains nor educates but instead curves the mind to support a biased positioned based

on the ownership of the media conglomerate. Our internationally user generated content will be

available anywhere there is access to the internet targeting multicultural consumers with lifestyle

content. PIC Television Network is seeking user generated content and to establish agreements

to play reruns from various eras. We are looking to partner with international television networks

to air their programming. We are targeting advertisers to assist with the cost of operating such

a major endeavor. Recognizing the market potential in modernizing international tele-broadcasts

capabilities, PIC Television Network has set into motion the development of a full entertainment

tele-broadcast system that will:

  • Become an important TV vehicle for global corporations to market their products in the global arena.

  • Provide quality programming at affordable prices to the companies.

  • Grow the viewer base and potential content contributors.

  • Feature quality African and African-American programming i.e. movies, sitcoms, talk shows, sports, etc.

  • Enhance the standard of living; create jobs, promote education, health, and environmental awareness.