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     Our Vision/Mission




  3. The Vision:

  4. The PIC TV Network will build a web presence that will promote our brand as the next Gen in TV viewing. The vision is to  offer a wide array of olive streaming content to include:

    • Television: To highlight local programming, International News, upcoming events, and provide people with the option to stream directly from the site.

    • The PIC App: To provide users the ability to download the application to their mobile device for quick customer usability either on the go or whenever stationary.

    • Concerts/Festivals: To promote and feature concerts and festivals held throughout the world and offer another vehicle for our advertisers and sponsors to promote their products and services.

    • Pod Cast: To promote PICs podcast station as another vehicle to capture and channel users to our network to provide interviews and offer exposure using this new media medium.


    The Mission:

    Our mission is to provide access locally and internationally to "Educate, Entertain, Inform, and Inspire" the public using streaming technology on a myriad of widely available platforms to promote

    from a largely user generated content approach. Publishers will be able to access our state-of-the-art distribution center via the go live feature or by uploading their videos from easily integrated user interface.